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Soccer match previews and predictions

We cover a wide range of soccer leagues, which allows us to provide predictions throughout the whole year. During the main season, we mostly cover English, Italian, German, Spanish and French leagues and to a lesser extent a few other European leagues. During summer, we switch our focus to the MLS, Asian Leagues (Super League, K League 1 and J League & J League 2 ) and Scandinavian leagues (Veikkausliiga, Allsvenskan and Eliteserien).

By trying to keep our coverage as specific as possible, meanwhile doing our best to keep our service going throughout the year, we have managed found the middle ground, which kept our betting profitable throughout the years.

league of legends and counter strike

As a rapidly growing industry, esports soon found themselves in the betting world, which gave those who have knowledge about the games and teams an exceptional chance to take advantage of bookmakers who fail to keep up with the relevant information about this new sport.

Realising there is a huge potential in providing esports predictions and previews, we have jumped on the train and acquired esports experts, who helped us start off our esports journey with high levels of profit. With the growing industry that is rapidly expanding in new video games, esports is slowly but surely becoming one of the sports we will get a chance to cover on regular basis throughout the whole year, hoping we can even further improve our roster of experts.

We currently cover League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive.


With betting experts on our team that have been following and betting on NBA for well over a decade, we have managed to keep our NBA predictions highly profitable, with each season ending in positive numbers. 

As a sports league with the highest number of matches played during the season, we tend to cover NBA matches as frequently as possible, while keeping the number of predictions relative to the number of bets we find suited for betting. 

nfl and ncaaf

As the most popular sport in the United States, and without a doubt one of the most popular sports in the betting industry, we have decided to add the American football predictions to our service in 2015. Having one of the most action-packed calendar out of all the sports, we strive to reach quality instead of quantity, by handpicking a handful of matches suited for betting with the help of our team of betting experts. Having reached positive numbers since the implementation of NFL and NCAAF to our service, we will continue to provide and improve the service for our members.


We have assembled a team of golf experts, whose knowledge of golf and experience in betting on the sport helped us reach positive numbers and high ROI. As a sport, which has a tendency of providing high returns, we have found golf betting a nice addition to our service.

Formula 1 Race previews and predictions

One of the most exciting sports for some, while an incredibly boring for others, Formula 1 is without a doubt a sport worth betting on with the right help of experts. Featuring only a handful of favourites to win, F1 betting can turn to be highly profitable if done correctly.

With only around 20 races per season, we have found F1 to be the right addition to fill our calendar with additional predictions, while doing so successfully. 


With a team of Tennis specialists, who provide us with valuable insight of tennis matches, we can easily say we have the right people and tools to make out tennis betting highly profitable.