The year 2020 will mark the beginning of a new era for Call of Duty esports and consequently a new era for our esports betting services, as we are proud to announce Call of Duty as a new esports title which we will cover throughout its inaugural Call of Duty 2020 season.


What to expect?

Call of Duty League will kick off on January 24, 2020, with the Launch Week, set to take place at Minneapolis Armory in Minneapolis, meaning that starting from that day, we will provide our readers and members a full coverage of each competitive event which will take place throughout the whole season.

Each preview will consist of short previews of each match played throughout the event, meaning you can expect a total of 22 articles in addition to Midseason coverage and full coverage of CDL Playoffs, which is set to take place later in August 2019.



  • 22 CDL Homestand Tournament Coverages – Match Previews and Predictions (+ best bet of the round)
  • Midseason Weekend Match Previews and Predictions
  • CDL Playoffs Match Previews and Predictions


We already have some articles posted on the main site; early power rankings and a short intro to Call of Duty League. Check them out if interested!


New CDL Format?

We are aware Activision Blizzard announced Call of Duty League will see a change in the league structure, which will result in a tournament-based competition instead of the initially announced homestand series. That being said, the new CDL format has not yet been announced and as revealed by Activision Blizzard, it won’t be unveiled until before the second home series weekend in London later in February.

We are well prepared for the upcoming changes and will adjust our service according to it. There is a high possibility we might see fewer home series events in 2020 as originally anticipated, which is why the number of articles covering CDL could be lower as stated above.

Nonetheless, we will adapt to the changes and cover all fixtures and events, which are set to be played in 2020 CDL to the best of our abilities. We will provide further updates once the new CDL structure is announced.


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