Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 - Tip Sheet

Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 – Underdog Tip Sheet

Below is the betting tip sheet for the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 group stage. The predictions are not based on a betting model but rather on a analysts research and understanding of the current COD scene. There are always upsets at this kind of tournaments and these matches look like they have a higher chance of an underdog winning than the rest.

Results will be published separately from the premium results. I have no reliable source for the closing odds for COD, will update in the future.

14.8.2019Team Envy – Sage eSportsSage eSports3.40 Bet365
14.8.2019UYU – VanityVanity4.50 Bet365
14.8.2019Evil Geniuses – Carnage GamingCarnage Gaming7.50 Bet365
14.8.2019Splyce – AspireAspire3.75 Bet365
14.8.2019Team Heretics – Hybrid GamingHybrid Gaming4.56 Pinnacle
15.8.2019FaZe – Mazer GamingMazer Gaming6.00 Bet365
15.8.2019Singularity – VanityVanity5.50 bet365
15.8.2019Evil Geniuses – TrainHardTrainHard7.00 Bet365
15.8.2019FaZe – UnitsUnits5.00 Bet365
15.8.2019100 Thieves – Midnight EsportsMidnight Esports4.33 Bet365
15.8.2019Sicario Gaming – Fury GamingFury Gaming3.00 Bet365
16.8.2019Splyce – Hybrid GamingHybrid Gaming6.00 Bet365
16.8.2019Team Heretics – AspireAspire3.25 Bet365



Won / LostHit RateProfit in unitsROI
0 / 130,00 %– 13.00 U– 100,00 %