Premium Membership Review Week 1 - 5

Premium Membership Review Week 1 to Week 5

Premium Membership Review Week 1 to Week 5

This is our first Premium Membership Review, in which we will look over weeks 1 – 5, our betting performance, thoughts on the matter and plans for the future. While this review does include 5 weeks, you can expect to see weekly reviews from this point onward, as we believe such reviews add some transparency and a better insight on how we operate. To keep the intro short and save words for the meat of the review, let’s jump right into our first sport on the menu; soccer.



In the first 5 weeks, we have covered a total of 79 soccer matches, which include 15 MLS fixtures, 30 Asian league fixtures, 2 European league fixtures, 4 Balkan leagues matches, 14 Baltic leagues matches and 14 International soccer predictions.

Our MLS predictions ended with 2.84 units of profit and 18.9% ROI. Our Asian League predictions also ended in positive numbers due to excellent run in both J-League (+8.93) and K-League (+4.06). On the other side, our three predictions for CSL (-2.00) and J-League 2 (-1.00) ended in negative numbers. In total, we ended up with 9.99 units of profit and 33.3% ROI.

International soccer predictions started off poorly with a few missed bets in the Women’s World Cup. We managed to gain some traction with Copa America predictions, but it was not enough to keep ourselves in the green numbers. Publishing 14 bets, we ended up with -1.22 units and -8.7% ROI. The European soccer saw only two predictions, both of which lost, meaning we ended with two units in red. As for Balkan leagues, we sent out four predictions, only one of which won. Baltic leagues on the other side saw 14 predictions, which ended in a -1.34 units and -9.6% ROI.

Combining all soccer predictions, we ended with 7.18 units of profit, which we will look to further increase in the upcoming weeks once all major EU leagues start. It’s also worth noting our predictions beat the closing odds by an average of 0,075.


Horse Racing

Horse racing went pretty good for the last couple of weeks, first, there was a 20 unit of profit during the Royal Ascot 2019, but none of these bets are currently on the website as we had to reset the database to update the new website and the notifications were not enabled yet. All of these bets are recorded on our twitter profile.

As for the recorded bets, we had 29 bets, 25 on UK races and four on Irish races. We were profitable in UK, 4.80 Units of profit with 19.2% ROI, while none of our horse in IRE races won, leaving us with -3.00 units (one horse was a Non Runner).

As for closing odds, we are currently recording odds published on RacingPost. We know this is not the ideal method but will have to do for now. As for the future, we will have for all exchanges and normal bookmaker, probably only bet365, as we mostly recommend Matchbook and Bet365. We didn’t record any closing odds for the place markets and NR prediction are excluded from this part.



We crushed it in the outright market at the Wimbledon, as both Halep and Djokovic won the event. Simona Halep was recommended at 19.00 to win overall and 6.50 to win the Quarter, while Novak Djokovic at around 2.45 to win the whole event.

Only one “normal” bet on Cilic to win the match in three sets against Sousa, but sadly it was the other way around, thus making the tip lost.

One bet somehow disappeared from the system, a 1 Unit bet on Buzarnescu M. to cover the -2.50 games handicap against Voegele S. at the WTA Lausanne. The recommended odds were 1.83, pinnacle closing odds were 1.82, which means we have beaten the closing odds and the pick was also won. If I find a way to add the tip back I will, but I will have to speak with the developers, which might take some time.



ESL Cologne was quite profitable for us, six picks, three won and 2.11 Units of profit all thanks to Team Liquid winning their group A and eventually the whole event. We skipped the ESL One New York as we were to busy with preparing for the upcoming EU soccer leagues, as for the BLAST tournament, we simply won’t cover this kind of events as they are pretty much pointless with their terrible format.

We were not too active in the League of Legends department as we only published one prediction, which sadly ended in a loss. More predictions might be published, but not before playoffs begin.


F1, Cycling and Rugby Union

We have sent only a couple of bets for these three sports. For F1 we predicted Bottas to win the Austrian GP, which did not go as planned. We did, however, successfully predicted Max Verstappen to finish in the top 3 at German Grand Prix, which reduced our losses to -1.09 units. Out of five Tour de France predictions, only 1 ended in a win, with Bernal winning the whole event. Not a lot of action for us at this year’s Tour de France, but we will be looking at the other upcoming races(Vuelta and The Tour of Britain in near future) to make up for the loss..

As for Rugby Union, we are currently covering only the Rugby Championship, but we will expand if there is a lot of interest betting on this sport. As of now, we have published four bets, three of which won, netting us 1.79 units of profit with a 44.8 ROI.



The CSGO Major in Berlin is just around the corner and taking into the consideration that this is one of our most profitable type of tournament, we will try to provide coverage for as many matches as possible.

As for League of Legends, the LCS season is closing, meaning there are only a few more matches on the schedule ahead of playoffs and regional finals. We will, however focus on covering the playoffs as well as League of Legends World Championship in October-September while we get ready for the 2020 season.

Moving to more traditional sports, August is here, which means we are on the verge of 2019/20 football seasons across Europe. Just like any year before, we will cover most of the European leagues, meaning we are in for another exciting month of August.

We have discussed an option to add sumo wrestling predictions to our service in last couple of weeks. The talks about the subject are, however, still in very early stages, as we look for suitable bookies who cover the market. At this point we must mention nothing is yet set in stone, but as soon as we get the needed answers, our members can look forward to an update on the topic.


detailed results in excel

Below you can download all results for Week 1 till Week 5 in a detailed spreadsheet with all the additional data and closing odds. Instead of downloading worksheets, you can also check the closing odds here.

SoccerHorse RacingEsportsTennisRugby UnionF1Cycling
Asian Soccer
Baltic Soccer
Balkan Soccer
International Soccer
Royal Ascot
Results will be added soon. You can also check them out on our Twitter profile.
League of Legends

Automatically bet on our predictions

This section is still evolving, we have a couple of profiles over at Betmarkets, but they are still in beta stage, apparently, deposits will be available on 1st of September 2019 and the Betmarkets platform will probably be our main platform for the pre-match markets. As for in-play, we will probably run an account or two over at, but we will have to do something with which platform gets the priority. We are also looking at, but it looks like they only offer auto-placing on Betfair.

CopyTip are operating with a Curacao license (1668/JAZ), which is not exactly a reputable one, but so far I have not heard any complaints about them and it looks like they owned by the same company that owns Blogabet.

We will see how things play out with the reliability and things like that, as for legality, Betmarkets currently looks like a better and safer option and the guys behind the project look like a capable bunch. If any of you have any better suggestions, please let us know.